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Accessible Cities

Long before the Accessible India Campaign commenced, Swabhiman initiated the accessibility drive in Odisha.

2002 saw Jaydev Bhawan (then Soochana Bhawan) coerced to construct a wooden ramp as a response to a sole protester Sruti Mohapatra.
2008 - Advocacy with local TV channels for teletexting, captions and subtitles.
2010-12 - Odisha Secretariat and Ravenshaw University, Barrier Free Tourist Circuit.
2011- Production of Accessible study materials (Alternate Mediums - Audio, Braille and Large Print)
2011 - Advocacy for Inclusive Universities, Schools and Meetings.
2012 - Till today- Assistive devices contest among intermediate students for low cost accessibility models to find solutions to access problems, with recommendations and relative costings.
2015 - Accessibility Partner of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC). Played a role in Bhubaneswar getting first position in Smart City.
2015-16 - Access auditor of Government of India, audited over 600 Government buildings across 12 cities accross India.
2015-17- Training to government, corporate and private institutions on access, accessibility, accessible institutions and access audit.
2018- Access Audit in Chennai, Agra and Noida
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