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Active Citizenship

Census Campaign
Census 2011 - We did active advocacy with Census office in Bhubaneswar and WCD department for ensuring proper counting of persons with disabilities. Through Odisha State Disability Network there was a state level awareness campaign conducted with the help of a network of PwDs. We successfully conducted 1. Master Trainer Facilitator’s Training, 2. District Officials and Master Trainer’s Training, 3. Enumerator’s Awareness and Training and; 30 district level workshops. 2700 persons with disabilities and about 40 organizations were directly involved in the process.
Barrier Free Election
In 2004, 2009 and 2014 General Election we demanded the attention of political parties and set out our needs in election manifestos. We convened a “State Convention on political rights of disabled people” in Bhubanewar. In order to make political parties realize the seriousness of their needs, around 70 people from 30 districts came together and submitted their Charter of Demands to the major Political Parties. A document was presented to the Election Commission outlining the problems faced by voters with disabilities and the solutions to them.
Policy Level Advocasy
The Advocacy Unit of Swabhiman works for protection and advancement of rights of PWDs. Through advocacy Swabhiman initiated the letter campaign on 3% reservation of seats in educational institutions for the Person with Disabilities, Appointment of State commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Setting up of Directorate of Disability and advocacy for passage the RPWD Bill.
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