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Audio Book Recording

This project has been initiated with the Graham Mehere Award of Vodafone Foundation. It is specifically for the visually impaired. Currently 49% of all disabilities in India are related to vision….and even though not being able to see affects them in all walks of life, probably the most profound effect is on education and learning. The visually impaired struggle for basic education- though braille is thought of as a solution, it is not enough...because there simply are not enough books in Braille to be of help. Braille books are bulky & expensive to mass produce or replicate. And without books the Visually impaired struggle through our education system...dependant on the limited archaic books, handed down through generations. Through this project we are going to change the entire delivery mechanism for Education for the Visually impaired. We are recording the entire curriculum and other useful texts and manuals recorded- so that students can listen to all that they want to learn. Audiobooks are becoming increasingly prevalent in west and so the idea doesn’t seem to be very new. But there are inherent problems with audiobooks as well: they have to be saved on mp3 players or cassettes or CDs and again managing one additional piece of technology will be a challenge for the Visually impaired. So we are taking it a step further and getting all this information and learning recorded onto a toll free shortcode that can be accessed from anywhere anytime using a simple mobile phone. The menu for accessing the different subjects and chapters can also be voice controlled. The advantages are numerous because education and knowledge will be available for them whenever wherever they want it, they don’t have to be dependent on readers or Braille books or other alien pieces of technology like players etc (which they are likely to lose as well). All they need is the ubiquitous mobile phone!

Swabhiman has recorded +3 books as per (Utkal University syllabus). Recording of honours books of Sociology, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Public Administration, Odia, Home Science and Guide Book for Odisha Teachers’ Eligibility Test (OTET) has completed. Volunteers are involved in the process of audio book recording. 

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Vodafone Foundation(UK


A significant section of young physically and socially challenged children who excel in academics, or creative and performing arts, have no or little means to pursue their chosen careers. These scholarships enable competent students, who may otherwise be economically weak, to receive higher education or professional training and thus pursue their dreams and careers and become economically self-sufficient and independent.

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Arati Ahuja
Asutosh Panda

Paramita Mohapatra(IMFA)

Priyadarshi Mohapatra

Gayatri Devi

Jaspal Singh

Maitree Mahapatra 

Mausumi Palit 

Navneet Arora

Sambid Das

Swati Panda

Usha Padhi

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