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The main objective of Anjali is


Anjali Emphasizes

Bag - less schooling in pre and primary school  
Outdoor Classes
Interactive rather than black-board teaching
New mediums of learning

ANJALI aims at the holistic development of artistic skills and using this as a medium of learning in elementary schools. ANJALI has successfully taught history through theater, local culture through dances, literature through puppetry, importance of inclusion through music and science through outdoor trips. Another thrust area is to ‘bridge gaps’- especially between the rural and urban children, disabled and the non-disabled children, poor and rich children, etc and thus create an inclusive world. Sharing stories of challenges faced and successes achieved by special children as also other children in challenging situations helps blossom relationships where differences become pillars for inclusio

Mile Stone

2001           ANJALI was born
2002           Participation of Mainstream School Students and Children With Disability From All 30 districts of Orissa
2003           Participation Of Children From Outside Orissa
2004           First National children's Festival in India
2005           Focus On Inclusive and Joyful Learning
2006           Anjali Moves Beyond Bhubaneswar (It is held at Rourkela in District Sundergarh)
2008           Focus on Volunteerism
2009           Mini-India
2010          First Children Carnival in India
2011          Children's Fairyland, Indradhanush (Cultural Extravaganza by Youth with disabilities), Biscope – Children Film Festival
2012          First International Festival    

2015         Anjali Brand Ambassador 

2016        Disability Arts Festival

2017         City Embraces Anjali

Our mandate is to create a variety of programs for children aged four to fifteen, focusing on enriching school curriculum and promoting the arts as an integral part of children’s education. Anjali provides a unique model for JOYFUL LEARNING IN INCLUSIVE CLASS ROOMS.
For more details visit  : www.childrenfestival.org

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