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Anjali Scholarship

 A significant section of young physically and socially challenged children who excel in academics, or creative and performing arts, have no or little means to pursue their chosen careers. These scholarships enable competent students, who may otherwise be economically weak, to receive higher education or professional training and thus pursue their dreams and careers and become economically self-sufficient and independent.
  • Only students with 60% and above disability can apply.
  • Scholarship will be availed by those who are continuing their studies. 
  • Scholarship will be continued for those who produce a valid continuation certificate every month from their institution during the receipt of the same.
List of Selected Candidate for Anjali Scholarship 2017-18
For More Information Contact
Anjali Scholarship Cell 
 A/98, Budhanagar, 
 Bhubaneswar – 751 006
 Odisha, India.
 Tel.: 0674 – 2313313 / 09238106667
 Email: swabhiman.bhubaneswar@gmail.com

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