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SANDHAN is a body of college students. Sandhan members will become aware and responsible citizens and also be ambassadors for the cause of disability and will help further the cause of integration and creating an EQUAL SOCIETY.

Achievements (2011-12)

• Student wing of Swabhiman (SANDHAN- BJB Chapter) conducted a quiz competition among the students to create awareness about Census 2011.
• Student wing of Swabhiman (SANDHAN- BJB Chapter) organized an open house discussion and interface between students with disability and college authority about the various issues like accessibility and special provisions for students with disabilities.

Achievements (2010-11)

• Student wing of Swabhiman (SANDHAN- BJB Chapter) chose to clean their campus and create awareness about the use of dust bins, closing the tap properly for saving water and reduced  use of polythene.
• Student wing of Swabhiman (SANDHAN- BJB Chapter) did an awareness drive on disability for their peer groups. More than 40 people were informed about disability issues, potential and        problems faced by persons with disabilities and the impact of disability on economy of society.
• Student wing of Swabhiman (SANDHAN- CSSR Chapter) visited different households and imparted he message on proper use of water and waste disposal.
• All SANDHAN Chapters, in a collaborative effort, enacted a play to create awareness on the issues affecting the life of youth with disability.
• Student wing of Swabhiman (SANDHAN- BJB Chapter) conducted a plantation programme as well as a quiz competition in BJB College.
• Student wing of Swabhiman (SANDHAN- BJB Chapter) organized an session on Right to Information in their college. The state Convener of National Youth Project addressed students and explained about RTI.

Orissa State Disability Network (OSDN)

OSDN was formed with the need of providing a lasting platform form strengthening the disability movement in Orissa. It was formed with the realization that People with disabilities in the state did not have a voice and a unified voice for purpose of raising the issues of disability at State and National level. Swabhiman is founder, convener and nodal coordination body for this network, which has a membership of over 100 associations of PWDs and organizations working in disability in the state from state to grassroots levels.

The Hand-In-Hand: Women’s Network in Eastern India

It is the First inclusive Network of Women Leaders from all levels and diverse backgrounds, experiences and professions. The founding of the network is based on the need to create a leadership resource of women that cuts across gender, class, region, disability etc and with a capacity to directly influence issues that affect the constituency of women and the country. The overall aim is to provide a platform for all women to develop their leadership potentials and to fully realize growth in their social and professional lives.

Single Window Certification Programme

It had been strategically designed to provide all the administrative services and necessary assessment that lead to the award of a disability certificate at one place. The single window approach provides one platform where PWDs can access various services and facilities. The components of the single window approach include information dissemination, Registration for PWDs verification of documents presented, Instant Photograph facility required for documentation and residential certificates to applicants as well as provision of various aids and appliances to PWDs. Various assessments for people with hearing & visual impairments, Mentally challenged persons and people with Locomotor disability will also be undertaken by the doctors and specialists. After this the Medical Board will issue the Disability Certificate. Thousands of PWDs have benefited from this initiative.

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