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Training & Placement

Employment Solutions

We provide pre-placement training to persons with disability on behalf of clients, provide diversity training in client’s company and assist with creating an accessible work environment. We also visit organizations, assess their job vacacienes and accordinglt train candidates with disability and place them


Our training programs have a dual role. One is to plan for the future and to do this in totality, by looking at the nation's demands for educated human power. For an emerging country like India, higher education is a social as well as an economic infrastructure. Hence while planning; this theme is the focus of all our skill development activities. The other role is to ensure that quality preparation is done by job aspirants. To ensure this we have evolved a mechanism to maintain standards:

  • Making learning interesting and happy/ Increasing motivation
  • Improving co-operation i.e. promoting group reading / team-building
  • Improving critical thinking and problem-solving capacities.
  • Improving social skills such as in communication, and assertive behavior/ socializing
  • Releasing stress of boredom and monotony in learning


English communication, Personality Development and Computer Operation

English Skill

The proposed program on Fundamental English aimed at improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for personal benefit. In addition, the program is designed to help candidates build skills and confidence to take up more advanced courses or employment.

Training Objectives were 
  1. Learn the eight parts of speech
  2. Use fundamental spelling rules
  3. Acquire a vocabulary of at least 500 words
  4. Frame sentences with proper punctuation
  5. Comprehend basic grammar aspects like tense, singular/plural and subject-verb agreement
  6. Train to describe, narrate and review in short comprehensive passages
  7. Complete a variety of forms related to employment and personal needs
  8. Write simple friendly letters and business letters
  9. Practice conversational English Gain language fluency by participating in role plays and practice sessions


Personality and behavior traits are very important for performing well in interviews. You have to present your competence for a particular job within a short period of fifteen to forty five minutes.

Training Objectives were 

  1. Present a pleasing behavior, mannerism, attitude
  2. General awareness
  3. Knowledge of the sector where applied for job
  4. Have a balanced mental frame of mind to take up the position for which applied.
Course Content

  1. Learn to read newspaper
  2. News analysis and understanding current events
  3. Coherent reply to questions
  4. Proper clothing and dressing
  5. Proper walking and sitting postures
  6. Learn and practice leisure talk

For a person who suffers from a physical, mental or other form of disability the employment world can seem like a confusing environment, but there are many opportunities available and options to explore. One of the most important things a person with a disability needs to remember is to not let any barriers stand in the way of dreams and any inconveniences can be overcome with the right attitude. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something, dream big and work hard to achieve all of your goals and live the quality of life you so richly deserve.

Training Objectives – We tried to inculcate the following:

  1. A strong desire to work – It was nurtured and developed before employment experiences were considered. Otherwise, loss of jobs due to lack of motivation could seriously damage the credibility of the program.
  2. Readiness to Perform Jobs - Competitive employment demands performance at levels of quality and rate equal to those of other employees. There is some leeway with subsidized jobs but they were advised that the performance of assigned tasks approximates the levels expected in competitive jobs.
  3. Previous Work Experience - If they did not have previous work experience or had unsuccessful experiences they were advised to do some voluntary work to get experience.
  4. Evidence of Lack of Skill – If they were slow in performing daily tasks or lacked basic motor adeptness in other areas of work they were advised to accept this as diversity and not feel less competent as compared to others.

To be able to perform basic computer operations.

Training Objectives 

  1. Know the computer
  2. Can work in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Power Point
  3. Use Internet
  4. Can scan and print documents.
Course Content
  1. Turning the computer off and on
  2. Using the keyboard and mouse
  3. Opening software applications
  4. Opening, minimizing and closing windows
  5. Managing files and folders.
  6. Writing letters and creating reports in Microsoft Word.
  7. Entering data and creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel
  8. Creating presentations Microsoft Power Point
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